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The 9 Foods That ISIS Fighters Eat

Can you guess how often they eat meat?

You have probably wondered what soldiers in the field eat. For the US Troops, it is carefully prepared MRE (Meal Ready to Eat), but what about for the less equipped armies of the world?

Everyone’s gotta eat. This includes ISIS fighters, and their diet is actually pretty bland.

Recently, the menu for ISIS fighters surfaced, and its quite interesting. Can you guess what foods they eat every day?




Rice. ISIS fighters eat rice every single day.

This makes sense, as rice is pretty compact and easily transported, lasts a long time, and is a very dense food source with important nutrients. In fact, much of the world survives with rice as a core component of their diet, and ISIS is no different. The Imperial Japanese rations always had a combination of barley and rice, to provide a stable base, with the barley added to combat the nutritional deficiencies of the rice (I guess ISIS hasn’t learned this yet). Also, rice is a common part of an Iraqi diet.

With all the money earned by ISIS from oil and mineral exports, it is disappointing that not much of that money goes into feeding the troops. But that will make defeating them a lot easier, and maybe this poor diet is what is allowing them to be defeated time and time again.

So without further delay the diet for ISIS terrorists is:










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Clearly Saturday is the best day, as they get to eat cake!

Honestly, my school lunches were better than this.


And as they say, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Looks like ISIS will be needing the doctor to visit real soon.