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Black Friday in Paris: 8 ISIS Terrorists Kill 132, Injure 352 in 6 Attacks

Shouted "Allah akbar!"


8 ISIS (ISIL or Daesh) terrorists killed 132 civilians in 6 separate attacks in Paris Friday evening, November 13, 2015. 352 are wounded, at least 99 seriously.

Worst attack in Europe since March 11, 2004, when 191 people died in two trains in Madrid.

In Paris ISIS started a fresh wave of terror in Europe, claiming responsibility in a statement:

“It was a response to airstrikes and France remains a key target.”
“Eight brothers with suicide belts and assault rifles carried out the killings. A blessed attack … carried out by believers of the soldiers of the Caliphate.”

The attackers shouted “Allah akbar!” (Allah is great”)

Based on the training and terror-pool of no less than 6000 radicalized fighters from Western Europe in Syria and Iraq. In total 30,000 foreigners joined ISIS.

The attaks were carried out by at least 7 terrorists devided into three teams.

GLOBALO talked to a former head of a European intelligence agency. “This is the number one nightmare of all security teams. A Mumbai-2008-style-attack with ten or more terrorists on several soft, unprotected targets. It is very hard to prevent. Not so difficult for terrorists. They only need ten fighters, AK-47 rifles and some explosives.”