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10 elements for a better foreign policy

Last weekend, the Munich Security Conference 2016 convinced me again that we cannot continue our foreign policy like in the past and what the main tools should be to save our world with a fresh foreign policy World 3.0.

For many years I have been observing this large gathering of defense experts from all over the world. Now the official booklet asked the speaker to present solutions, not only a nice description of the problems. This is a good new navigation tool, together with a much broader definition of security, including energy, water, health and several official side events with NGOs like Globalo. The approach to foreign affairs is changing – but slowly.

What are the 10 core elements of a successful new foreign policy World 3.0?

In a nut shell:

When we only react when it is too late and the costs are high, just with nice words but not with detailed, creative and well funded long-term plans and actions on the ground; when we only use hard military rather than a combination of soft and hard instruments from day one – when we continue this old style – the West will, it must lose.

It is not working any more in a globalized world.

The design of an old foreign policy is a mission impossible.

See Iraq, Syria, Libya or Somalia.

It is an inefficient system which cannot save our world.

Only with a fresh foreign policy World 3.0 we can, we will win.

Let’s start it today and everywhere.

Photo: GLOBALO-Founder Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann welcomed Dr. Elias Toumeh, the Bishop of Pyrgou of the Antiochian Orthodox Church in the Valley of Christians, Marmarita, and Hilm from Syria, and Vian Dakhil Shekh Saeed, the only Christian member of the Iraq Council of Representatives, at the Globalo breakfast at the Munich Security Conference about “Codes of Tolerance. Christian Minorities, Daesh”