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How To End 50 Years Of War: A Handshake

Colombia and its rebels put a stop to conflict

Fifty years of conflict with the Colombia’s largest rebel group has led to 220,000 deaths and 5 million people being driven from their homes. It has been one of the longest conflicts in history.

Now, at the end of four propaganda-filled years of distrustful peace talks, a handshake has ended the political bloodshed.

The full text of the accord has not yet been released, and it must be ratified by voters before taking effect.

The accord will mean that Colombia’s government will:

What will happen next?

Great political divides will remain as FARC integrates with other citizens into Colombian society. Colombians see FARC as terrorists responsible for cocaine trade, while FARC sees Colombia’s government as oligarchs who bend to the will of the US.

Several peripheral concerns still remain. Colombia is still the world’s top supplier of cocaine. The power vacuum that will be left in the cocaine trade after FARC is disarmed may cause gangs to fight for control so they can get in on the profit. Also, another rebel army will still remain, the National Liberation Army, but it is much smaller than FARC and they are in talks about a peace deal already. While Colombia has seen its homicide rate decline, but it is still one of the deadliest countries in the world…and it might have to look out for Donald Trump, too.

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