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He said it is "compassionate to kill gays"


It turns out that Islam is sometimes very strong against homosexuality.

Following the actions in Orlando and the responses from all sides, there seems to be a sect of extremist Islamic views in the United States.

A few years ago, an Imam named Dr. Farrokh Sekaleshfar came to the United States and gave a lecture at the University of Michigan Dearborn about homosexuality and Islam.

His arguments were particularly horrifying, as he discussed his interpretation of Islam’s view of homosexuality.

His argument was:

That’s right. This Imam actually took the stance that it is compassionate to murder people. he speaks with such calmness and peacefulness that it makes you sick to see how deeply he believes this.


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It is people like this man that has perverted a peaceful religion and has allowed hate to fester in the hearts of people, because he has disguised hate as compassion. Many Muslims in America have not reacted in line with this man, with them giving blood and responding peacefully to the hatred spewed at them in the wake of the most recent tragedy.