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How the Kremlin Killed 30,000 in the Hungarian Uprising and thus still promotes NATO

The real reason for the expansion of NATO to the East was not fueled by Washington or Brussels, but Moscow: The mass killings and bad behavior from 1945 to 1990 with no freedom

60 years ago the people of Hungary tried to escape the Soviet Empire and the sub-human communist dictatorship.

The Hungarian Uprising failed, as we know in 1956.

The people within the Soviet dictated Warsaw Pact in Eastern Europe –  like in Hungary 1965 , East Germany (GDR, the Volksaufstand) in 1953 and the Czech Republic in 1967 (the Prague Spring) – rose up against Moscow and its communist puppet governments several times. Many thousands were killed or imprisoned.

They wanted freedom from the Kremlin and the forces within. No communism any more.

When we look at Russia and the policy of President Putin, we should remember this dark history, with the bad Russian track record, and see clearly why the Central and Eastern European states are suspicious and fear the influence of New Russia and the old style of a new Russian dictatorship and all were eager to join NATO asap after 1990.

The Hungarian Uprising was most important.


The Hungarian Uprising showed as soon as 60 years ago: