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Miss World Canada Slams China Over Organ Harvesting

Human rights are being brought underneath the spotlight once again, this time from a beauty queen

Chinese-born Miss World Canada has used her platform to blast continued human rights abuses in China, the main financial backers of Miss World. This could get ugly.

The Murky World of Organ Harvesting in China

According to reports by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, political prisoners are being executed “on demand” in order to provide organs to recipients.

This systematic organ harvesting program is alleged to be taking place both as a result of the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of religious minority Falun Gong and the big money involved in the black market.

The Chinese government has consistently denied the allegations.

The Badass Beauty Queen

Miss World Canada, otherwise known as Anastasia Lin, moved to Canada from China in 2003 when she was 13, with her father remaining in the Hunan province of China.

Ever since assuming the title, she has consistently criticized Beijing and turned her into an overnight leading human rights advocacy figure.

The New York Times summed in up nicely, writing that “Ms. Lin, it turns out, has become a public-relations nightmare for Beijing…. She is also charismatic, canny and media-savvy. Her David-and-Goliath clash with the Chinese government has drawn sympathetic media attention and legions of supporters around the world, providing her an even bigger platform to speak out about the imprisonment and torture Falun Gong adherents face in China.”

Capturing a wave of support from charities and political groups, magazine Marie Claire declared as her “The Badass Beauty Queen” in an interview that followed Lin’s participation in an Oxford University debate.

China’s Record on Human Rights

A Voice That China Wants to Silence

Anastasia Lin has been a surprising and persistent voice against China. It’s a voice the Chinese are doing their utmost to silence.

he newly elected government of Canada has renewed the country’s support for its Miss World contestant’s efforts to raise awareness of human rights violations in China, amid fresh claims of harassment by Chinese officials.

But Miss World Canada is media-savvy and well aware of the platform her title offers. With full support from Canada and a growing momentum behind the campaign against the grisly trade of organ harvesting, Anastasia Lin has become an inspiring figure to reckon with.

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