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Why 41st U.S. President Bush is Voting for Clinton

Another Republican for a Democratic president

The 41st Republican ex-president George H. W. Bush sen. will vote for democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, according to Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, JFK’s niece.

In an unprecedented and stunning move across party lines, the former Republican president has indicated he will vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, daughter of Robert Kennedy and the former lieutenant governor of Maryland, met with the 41st President in Maine and posted this picture to Facebook, with the illuminating caption:

It makes sense he would vote for Clinton

Trump has been famously merciless when it comes to the Bush family, and has never taken any of his comments back, unlike with other bruised gun fodder like Marco Rubio. The Bush and the Clinton families have grown close since the 1992 election where Bill Clinton defeated George HW Bush. Bush’s overall demeanor and attitude of moderate conservatism and a sober approach to the world is much more aligned to Clinton’s approach, rather than Trump’s bombastic style.

It’s not just the former President

The abridged list of notable Republicans who are either voting against trump, or abstaining, include:

This recent revelation may be in disguise a sign for Clinton supports to worry, however. The last two weeks have seen her popularity hit a trough, while Trump’s is hitting a peak.