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Putin’s Long-Term Honey-Trap for Trump

At the end his in-transparent global business empire could cost him the presidency

The CIA-FBI-NSA report about the Russian cyber attacks mentioned Trump’s business interests all over the world:

“Putin has had many positive experiences working with Western political leaders whose business interests made them more disposed to deal with Russia, such as former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.”

This is the Achilles Heel of president Donald Trump as seen by Putin and his Russian spies.

The sweet spot to exert influence over Trump by the Kremlin is his global business empire and unlimited appetite for making more money:

At the end, all this could (not will) cost Trump the presidency and lead to impeachment because of some illegal tax issues, bribes and other strange actions, including sex affairs, within his business empire of too many different people, companies, contracts, taxes and interests.

Remember Trump is the only presidential candidate not to release his tax paper to the public. Why?

Is Michael Moore right?

Can Trump really avoid any wrong doings over the next four years somewhere in the world in the last hidden corner of Trump Inc.? 

It is a deep black hole below the White House.

A president Trump walks on thin ice. 

His nontransparent business empire is not a solid base or safe net, but a ticking time-bomb. 

Picture by kremlin.ru