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Reminder: Donald Trump Still Hasn’t Released His Taxes

The first candidate in 30 years who hasn’t done so

This comes up every few months. Donald Trump still has not fulfilled a simple “requirement” to release his tax returns.

Will we ever find out if he is as good of a businessman as he claims?

Why do they candidates release their taxes?

Who Does It?

What Can It Tell Us?

Why Is It a Big Deal?

For the most part, it is not a big deal. Who cares right? It’s just tax returns.

Well, Trump is a bit different.

He has refused to release the tax returns because he is undergoing an audit.

But seriously, Mr. Trump, that is a terrible excuse. Since tax returns are filed under penalty of perjury (it is a crime to be untruthful on them), why would you not publish them unless you lied to the IRS?

A reminder: Trump was the main voice behind the “birther” movement, which claimed President Obama was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii. Trump demanded that Obama release his birth certificate to the public, but won’t expose his taxes to the same level of scrutiny by the American people–clearly a double standard.

Overall, the failure of the Trump campaign to release his taxes is a bad move. It allows mistrust to fester and it gives the Clinton campaign ammunition to attack Donald Trump for the remainder of the campaign. Or at least until Trump releases his tax returns.