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Science Saves Almost Extinct Kakapo Bird!

For animal conservationists around the world – there’s good news!

It has just been reported that New Zealand’s endangered bird species – the kakapo, has a 28% increase in population!

For those who are not aware of what kind of a kakapo is, it is a flightless parrot which lives and thrives in three predator-free islands in New Zealand.


Here are the updates on how the endangered bird is now proliferating:

So how did the scientists help the kakapo population recover?

This is what the conservation process looks like, while it’s still in process:

This news offer great hope to those who are working hard to help conserve the diverse species on earth. We hope that the kakapo bird success is followed by the increase in population of many other endangered species!

Photo Credit: Department of Conservation/flickr 
Photo Credit: Allie_Caulfield/flickr