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Shock: Arab Taste Dominates Next US President!

Just look into his life style and palace in New York!

GLOBALO heard about the latest rumor behind Washington’s closed doors, which Breitbart News does not dare to publish:  

Arab taste dominates the next US president.

What a shock for his many conservative voters in fly-over America!

Can maybe Ivanka Trump convince her father to re-decorate his home in the style of the 21st century, representing new America and not old pre-revolutionary France ?

Some even ask in Washington:

Did Russian president Putin influence his friend in New York, or some of the Trump-invested oligarchs from Russia or maybe Turkish president Erdogan, who all favor golden seats and pomp a la Versailles in their residences? 

Does Trump admire Goldfinger so much, the bad and gold-hungry German businessman played by Gerd Froebe in the famous James Bond movie, who even dared to attack Fort Knox in the US ?

Will The White House soon become The Golden House of America, decorated with the golden assets of president Trump- feeling at home in Washington too?

The cristal-clear proof:

The clear Arab lifestyle of His First American Imperial Highness in New York in his Trump Tower: