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How Children were saved from the Ruins of Aleppo

GLOBALO MOVIE: "Watani - My Homeland"

A new GLOBALO film on Aleppo in Syria and the journey to Germany from the children’s perspective has been released recently and shown in the United Nations in New York and documented on cnn:


CNN Interview

Mettelsiefen was interviewed on CNN by Christiane Amanpour, which you can watch below.

“It is extraordinary,” Amanpour says reacting to the trailer, “just the sight of what we just showed. The littlest kid, acting out how she thought she died when she felt a shell.”

The film has been featured on Frontline in the US, in the UK on Channel 4, and in Germany on ZDF.

You can watch the trailer below:

The situation in Syria for children

A new report by UNICEF gives the details of how the war has affected children in Syria and surrounding areas over the last five years.

The refugee crisis is quickly escalating:

A particularly sad number: 3.7 million. That is the number of children who have only known war, having been born after the conflict began in Syria.

Instead of getting an education, some children must fight: