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Top 5 political fight videos you can’t miss!

Unbelievable brawls which caught international attention

Politics can get messy, and sometimes the gloves come off. Here are the top 5 political fight videos ever.

These unbelievable brawls, which have caught international attention, include: a CIA spy, Rupert Murdoch, and Nigel Farage.

Don’t miss it!

US vs. Russia

Adding to the US-Russia tug-of-war, a shocking video of this political fight has been leaked!

It features a Russian police officer wrestling with a US diplomat in Moscow. Have a look:

Well, here’s the explanation of what happened there:

Rupert Murdoch vs. shaving foam pie

Here’s the video:


Fight at the Ukrainian Parliament

Yes, you just shouldn’t miss this one:

EU Commission President vs. Nigel Farage

If your memory is fading, have a look at it again:

And last but not the least:

Brawl in the Korean Parliament

Kudos to woman power:

Image credit: Rocketman/flickr