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Which Presidential Candidate Has The Best Foreign Policy?

Trump to fight Islam; Clinton promises human rights!

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the finalists in the US presidential elections, so it’s important to know exactly how they will lead America.

Here’s a comparison on Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s foreign policy and military strategies:

Trump’s approach to foreign policy seems to be defined by his anti-Islam statements, as he feels Muslim immigrants should be banned from entering America altogether. However, there’s more to Trump’s foreign policy initiative than this outrageous position.

The key aspects of Donald Trump’s approach to international diplomacy and military planning are:

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has a different approach. Here are key points on Clinton’s foreign policy perspective:

Conclusion: Trump seems to be overly focused on fighting against Islam to solve America’s problems, while Clinton wants to make sure the US doesn’t forget human and universal values while intervening in global issues.

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Image credit: Ted Eytan