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Help my Aleppo!

GLOBALO film tells the story of the children from Syria

They had to flee from Aleppo in Syria and now live as refugees in Germany. Hala and her four children, Mohamed, Helen, Farah, and Sara, were featured in the German film “Watani: My Homeland” which documented their journey out of war-torn Aleppo. The documentary is directed by GLOBALO Co-Founder Marcel Mettelsiefen and co-produced by GLOBALO News Publishing and GLOBALO founder Dr Hubertus Hoffmann.

The family attended an event at the UN headquarters to raise awareness on the millions of families like them affected by humanitarian crises. The event featured excerpts of the film which was recorded over the course of three years. Director Marcel Mettelsiefen said he chose the name ‘Watani, My Homeland’ because it was a story of a family who was ready to “sacrifice basically everything for a country.”

She said the world had “lost its humanity and conscience” and society was no longer ruled by laws. She said “once you eliminate the law of humanity there is no other law that supersedes it.”