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Any US administration must bear America's responsibility

Will Iraq collapse, just before the roll-back of ISIS and retaking the former two-million-inhabitant city of Mosul from Daesh?

After the United States defeated dictator Saddam Hussein in the spring of 2003, the Americans did almost everything wrong in restructuring Iraq.

You can blame it on the first civilian coordinator Paul Bremer and his naive team, or on the George W. Bush White House.

More than 109,000 people were killed in Iraq between 2003 and 2009.

4,300 American soldiers were sacrificed, 32,000 wounded  and over $ 1,300 billion tax dollars burned.

The result of all this today:

A lost (US military) victory and a total disaster- for the Americans and the people in Iraq:

Nihad Latif, the mayor of Erbil, the largest Kurdish city and regional capital of Kurdistan-Iraq, describes the situation like this:

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived for an unannounced visit to Baghdad this weekend. He said: “The United States is determined together with Iraq and the coalition that we will succeed. Together we will help the people of this country recover and go forward.”

What must be done: