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Could We Witness The End Of Violent War?

Amount of people dying in war is decreasing

In the Boston Globe, Professor Joshua S. Goldstein of University of Massachusetts Amherst shared some interesting research with the world about conflict, specifically armed conflict between states–the traditional definition of war.

The globe may not seem peaceful, but there is room for optimism. The amount of people dying in war is decreasing.

Why did the number of war deaths rise recently?

Why is there an overall long term decrease in war deaths?

It is true that wars are still ongoing throughout the world (and terror attacks), but because of ceasefires, global violence is in decline.

As these ongoing conflicts wind down, new ones haven’t taken their place.

War is also now gone from the western hemisphere.

Are we heading toward a world without violent war?

Terrorism, gang violence, and murders continue. But, war is in decline thanks to ceasefires and a trend toward long term peace. The ceasefires may be uncertain, and some may not hold, but the low death tolls prove that the bloodshed of traditional war can become a thing of the past if the international community commits to peace.