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Are the Hopes of Freedom dying in Aleppo?

Assad supported by Russia and Iran conquered parts of East Aleppo

The northern neighborhoods in east Aleppo have fallen to the Syrian army send by dictator Assad and lost by the Free Syrian Army and its allies (see map in pink and video with soldiers below).

For the Syrian army soldiers and the allies from Russia and Iran, the rebels are just “terrorists” to be eliminated, but the members of the Free Syrian Army are fighting against dictator Assad, see themselves as “freedom fighters”. 

Assad and Putin even bomb hospitals and civilians, forbidden under international law. They argue the “terrorists” are hiding there.


Ten neighborhoods have fallen to the government, leaving only the northern part of the enclave under the rebels’ control.


GLOBALO has promoted the establishment of “Safe-Hope-Zones” in an article by GLOBALO founder Dr Hubertus Hoffmann, former US Ambassador JD Bindenagel and German member of parliament Roderich Kiesewetter (CDU) already in February 2016 -but neither the American president nor the EU acted. Nice words, but no hard facts on the ground. Many conferences and speeches, but no real plans. Nice political talks, but empty and without substance.

GLOBALO is co-producer of the movie “Watani – My Homeland”  with Marcel Mettelsiefen which tells the story of the family of the commander of the Free Syrian Army. The four kids and the widow left East Aleppo in 2015  after ISIS killed the father and came as refugees to Germany. This documentary is short-listed for the Oskars 2017.

GLOBALO has published a detailed 33 point strategy to defeat ISIS and bring peace to Syria in Iraq months ago which shows what the West should have done.

The new situation in Aleppo demonstrates again: we all need a more active, new foreign policy World 3.0 of hard and soft elements of peacemaking- something Globalo founder Dr Hubertus Hoffmann has promoted since 2012: ” With so many crisis at the same time and all over the globe, we need a fresh, creative, and well planned foreign policy World 3.0. It is based on a clever double strategy of power and reconciliation to win. Or we will loose again and again, and peace is in real danger in our global village.”