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Candles in the darkness of terror

In times of terrorist attacks, the media, the authorities and the people are in a state of panic. This is the point of terrorism: to cause panic and confusion.

As time passes the rumors disappear, and all that is left are the facts.

Terrorism is the absolute worst in humanity. Terrorism does not discriminate. It can kill anyone, and destroy any feeling of safety. It makes us distrust one another, and it shakes us to our core.

But often times, in tragedy, the best of humanity comes to light.

People show their inherent good nature and offer to help those who are helpless. We see those who run into the fire, not away from it, and those who put themselves at risk to help those who are hurt. One of the most positive things to come out of this attack was #openhouse.

A attack on an airport is especially difficult because it leaves people stranded. They have no place to go, no supplies, or anything. Immediately following the attacks, many people offered their houses to those displaced by the bombings. They opened their homes to complete strangers, and offered a roof over their heads, food and anything people need. These citizens spread the word on Twitter, and helped those who were displaced.


In times like these, it is important that we all remember the words of the beloved Fred Rogers, the host of the childhood show “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood”.

So here is what we know about the Brussels attacks and the investigation:

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