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Meet the women dissidents in Cuba with much courage

US President Barack Obama recently visited Cuba, on a mission to help normalize relations between two Cold War enemies.

Before his arrival, the Cuban government arrested more than 50 of the so-called “Ladies in White”, much to the chagrin of the international community, with opposition reporting the arrests at more than 180.


So who exactly are these “Ladies in White”?


In fact, the repression was so strong, that an activist named Elizardo Sanchez felt that he was only allowed to leave because a car from the US Embassy picked him up at his home. He said later “The Cuban government treats us like we’re not humans… I know the Cuban government was furious over this meeting. So I think the main objective of President Obama was accomplished — he sent a very clear message of support for human rights and for us.”


Listen to President Obama speak on human rights in Cuba.


Photo Credit: Twitter user @DamasdBlancoLink to tweet.