In a Globalo interview, Prof Peter Neumann from King’s College predicted  “a new wave of ISIS terror in Europe” and outlined an “aggressive containment strategy.” Paris was the first big attack November 13, 2015. Now Brussels March 22nd, 2016. Are more to come?

6000 Europeans went to support ISIS (ISIL or Daesh) in Syria and Iraq, now many return as living time-bombs. Like in Paris and Brussels they are full of hate and ready to kill, something they learned in brutal, merciless combats in Syria and Iraq.

What can be done?

1. The politicians have to talk less and act more. We always need a clever dual strategy of power and diplomacy to stop ISIS. Until now, there has been no 500 page strategy. Crisis management prevails. That is not enough. We must dig deep and root out terror, with a focus on Syria and Iraq, and the containment of ISIS. When you want to contain and exterminate malaria, you do not go after the mosquitos, but the swamps. Until now, we haven’t really done this, and we must forcefully aim for it in order to be successful. A new Grand Strategy against ISIS with 33 elements is needed.

2. President Obama must end his luke-warm Syria policy. America must engage with enough special forces boots on the ground to contain Isis now in Iraq and Syria. Air strikes are not enough. The Syria and Iraq policies of the White House have been a disaster for a very long time. With as many holes in them as a Swiss Cheese. We need to start now to re-build Syria including Safe-Hope-Zones, so the people can stay there and re-start normal life. The 5-point-Syria-Plan to stop ISIS Senator John McCaine presented in GLOBALO, should be implemented.

3. Any attack on the Kurdish fighters in North Syria by NATO partner Turkey – while the Kurds are an important factor on the ground fighting ISIS – must end. This is a perversion, the U.S. president must stop them now. He was silent which has proven to be a mistake.

4. The Peshmergas in Kurdistan Iraq must get more direct weapon-support, not via rotten Baghdad any more.The U.S. must end its debating with the central government about the distribution of oil-money. For months these most important soldiers have got no payment.

5. To contain ISIS, the US and EU must get the Sunni tribes in Iraq on their side and end the arrogant Shiite central position in Baghdad. A more stable and fresh federal structure with autonomy is what is needed in Iraq. The discrimination of the Kurds and Sunnis by the ruling Shiites in Iraq must end now. The U.S. mismanaged this important reconciliation process in Iraq from the invasion in 2003 until last year.

6. Russia and the US must focus on a new anti ISIS-coalition. The Kremlin is much more flexible then most expected as we could see with the withdrawal of the air force from Syria after only four months. This alliance of Realpolitik is comparable with WWII when the US and Communist Russia joined forces against the mutual threat of Adolf Hitler. This must include a new constitution for Syria,  a transition government.

7. The silent majority in Islam must stand out and fight for true peaceful Islam, again and again or lose the definition of the religion to a few very active radicals. See ‘We are Islam- not IS’. To promote tolerance, a fresh two billion person education and information program is needed in the Islamic world.

8. Europe needs a better security structure and as well immigration control. The refugees are fleeing from terror. They surely are not terrorists. But without border-control, the infiltration of 6000 trained ISIS fighters from Syria and Iraq back to Europe is too easy.

Photo: GLOBALO founder Dr Hubertus Hoffmann met with UAE Minister of Culture Sheikh Mubarack Al Nayhan in Abu Dhabi to discuss how to promote tolerance and respect globally. See