There was another suicide attack this weekend, this time in Saudi Arabia.

Thankfully, there were no casualties, apart from the bomber.

The bomber was in a hospital parking lot, and detonated his vest when he was approached by security officials. The two security guards had minor injuries, but more worrying was that the attack took place right near the US consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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All US consulate staff are accounted for, and it seems to be business as usual today, but the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia has said that Americans should “remain aware of their surroundings, and take extra precautions when travelling throughout the country”.

The US consulate in Jeddah was the site of an attack in 2004, when attackers stormed the consulate armed with guns and explosives, and killed five staff members, however none were Americans. Four members of the Saudi forces who responded to the attacks were killed as well, with three of the five attackers killed, and the remaining two arrested. One of the attackers who was arrested was sentenced to death in 2013.

No group has taken responsibility for the attempt, but this is just the latest in a series of attacks this weekend, starting with the hostage crisis in Dhaka, the horrifying attacks in Baghdad that killed 125+, and now an attempt in Saudi Arabia.