What really happened in Benghazi, Libya, resulting in the deaths of US Ambassador Chris Stevens, Communications Officer Sean Smith, government contractors Glen Dougherty and Ty Woods and the wounding of several other undisclosed Americans?

Why has it been so difficult for Congress to get to the truth behind what happened? After two years of demanding answers, why have the American people still not been given the full story regarding events surrounding the September 11, 2012 attack that killed Americans – and helped the spread of Islamic Jihad in the region? Was it the poor security which existed at the Benghazi compound coupled with the effects of the “Arab Spring,” as the Obama administration and several major news media outlets have led us to believe?

In reality, the security situation in Benghazi and the Arab Spring were merely offshoots of a much darker scenario which took place in Libya. We have been lied to by our own government – again.

Former UN Ambassador Susan Rice, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama stated in public speeches, including before the world community at the United Nations, that the attack on the Benghazi compound was the result of a cheap, anti-Muslim Internet video. The Obama administration expended significant time and taxpayer dollars to advance this deception.
In reality, US intelligence indicated an attack on the compound was possible two weeks before the assault. Within three days of the attack itself, the White House knew the attack resulted from an Al Qaeda connected terrorist group, Ansar al- Sharia, which we now know occupied a safe house just across the street from the compound. A White House memorandum, obtained by Judicial Watch via a Freedom of Information Act request, revealed that the Internet video fabrication was an intentional attempt to conceal what really happened in Benghazi, to ensure Barack Obama was reelected in 2012, manipulating the US government, intelligence agencies and the major news media to ensure victory. But, there was a more nefarious reason than that, which I will describe later.
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Hillary Clinton, during sworn testimony before Congress, claimed she was not aware of the serious lack of security surrounding Ambassador Stevens and claimed much of the information surrounding events in Benghazi were “classified.” A forty-six page report by five committees of jurisdiction cited an April 19, 2012 cable bearing Clinton’s signature acknowledging a formal request dated March 28, 2012, from then-US Ambassador to Libya Gene Cretz, requesting additional security in Benghazi.
During closed door testimony to Congress, then CIA Director David Petraeus initially testified the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was an act of terrorism committed by al Qaeda-linked militants. Petraeus was not asked to testify under oath.
Before he could testify further and under oath, the Obama administration revealed Petraeus’ affair with his autobiographer Paula Broadwell. Acting on orders from Attorney General Eric Holder, the FBI collected thousands of Petraeus’ private e-mails to Broadwell, printed 20,000 – 30,000 of them and passed them to Holder, who provided them to the White House. It is a distinct possibility these e-mails were obtained by the FBI from the NSA domestic surveillance program.
In later testimony, the FBI admitted there was no warrant for Petraeus’ private e-mails, no crime had been committed and there was no evidence he passed classified information to Broadwell. Petraeus resigned before engaging in further testimony to Congress. Many in Washington are convinced the incident smacks of blackmail, designed to keep Petraeus quiet and from testifying further. Shockingly, as of this writing, without probable cause, Holder is keeping the FBI investigation of Patraeus – open.
The FBI itself was prevented from investigating the attack scene in Benghazi for three weeks, allowing the scene to be altered and classified documents removed.
Following Patraeus’ abrupt resignation, Acting CIA Director Mike Morell changed the Benghazi public talking points, deleting references to a terrorist attack and involvement of Al Qaeda. Morrell ignored intelligence from the CIA Station Chief on the ground in Benghazi reporting that the attack was clearly the result of terrorism. When pressured for answers as to why he altered the talking points, Morell claimed he was protecting “classified information,” the usual government excuse for covering up unconstitutional activity.
Families of the victims killed in Benghazi were lied to by President Obama and Secretary Clinton, who told them their loved ones were killed as the result of a protest over an Internet video – even during the tearful memorial ceremony mourning their deaths.
CIA employees, before they were allowed to attend the ceremony for those killed in the attacks, were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements gagging them from discussing what happened in Benghazi. Inside the CIA, Director John Brennan ordered all CIA personnel involved in Benghazi to sign new non-disclosure agreements and reports from insiders revealed these employees were being polygraphed, up to once a month, to see if they had talked to anyone, the press, Congress or anyone else about the attacks.
Congressman Frank Wolfe (R-VA), in HR 36, proposed the creation of a select committed to investigate the Benghazi attacks. Unfortunately, Speaker of the House John Boehner blocked Wolf’s call for a select committed for over a year and allegedly pressured the Congressman not to support it. Only after a White House memo was revealed proving the White House lied about the Internet video and public outrage skyrocketed did Boehner agree to the select committee. It is being alleged that Boehner put pressure on appointed Select Committee Chairman Representative Trey Gowdy to avoid asking certain questions. Knowing the mechanisms of the White House intelligence apparatus and the use of the agreements binding the few selected Congressman and Senators, referred to as the “Gang of Eight,” who are given access to White House intelligence operations, it is this author’s opinion that Boehner was witting of the Benghazi gun running operation from the beginning, hence his attempts to block an open, objective investigation.
Why the lies and the cover up? What would be so damaging to the Obama administration, and some Republican and Democratic politicians that would compel senior US government officials, including the President of the United States himself, to lie to Congress and the American people? Has there been a Constitutional breach to such a degree that these officials will stop at nothing to conceal it? The answer to that question follows.
Although the attack on the Benghazi compound was a significant, tragic event, it is not the real story behind what the federal government was doing in Libya. The withholding of security from the compound leading up to the attack, the flimsy Department of State Accountability Report, and even the actual attack itself are not the real story – which is far more disturbing.
Although he was by no means a noble leader, Muhammar Gaddafi had established diplomatic ties with the US. He had renounced terrorism, destroyed his weapons of mass destruction and established an embassy in Washington, DC. In return, the US recognized Gaddafi as a new ally, establishing an official embassy in Tripoli. Gaddafi was dutifully providing information to US intelligence agencies regarding the activities of Al Qaeda in Libya. In addition, Gaddafi repeatedly warned the US that Al Qaeda was planning operations to topple the Libyan government. Unfortunately for Gaddafi, none of this mattered to the Obama White House, the Department of State or the CIA. The federal government already had other plans; plans they intended to hide from the American public.
When the 2011 revolt against Gaddafi began in Tripoli, Gaddafi expressed his cooperation with the US government in handling the revolt. When the US refused to assist him, Gaddafi promised to leave his position and go into exile if that is what the Obama administration wanted. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ignored his attempts to cooperate, turned a deaf ear to his warnings about Al Qaeda and instead supported the Islamic rebels in overthrowing him – which led to his brutal assassination. In essence, Obama and Clinton, with the CIA as their operational hand, assisted in the defacto assassination of an allied foreign leader.
The reason behind this betrayal is a shocking violation of the US Constitution and international law.
Before the toppling of Gaddafi and the attack on the Benghazi compound (which was not a diplomatic post as the administration attempted to portray – but was a “Special Mission Post,” another word for a CIA front site) the Obama administration, including Secretary of State Clinton and then Undersecretary for National Security and Counter Terrorism John Brennan, an alleged Islamic sympathizer and soon to be appointed as Director of the CIA, had initiated a covert plan to equip and arm Islamic rebels amassing to bring down Syrian President Bashar Assad. This was another emerging example of Obama’s increasing proclivity to support Islamic uprisings, throughout the world.
The covert plan included close coordination with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and Qatar – global sponsors of radical Islamic extremism, financiers of terrorist organizations and disseminators of anti-US propaganda in Mosques and Islamic schools in America.
With the aid of the US government, the UAE and Qatar shipped weapons and equipment into Libya. The international cabal established huge weapons storage depots in Libya, training camps for the alleged “moderate” anti-Syria jihadists and established weapons shipping routes to Turkey, bound for the Syrian border.
Once Gaddafi was dead, the CIA moved into Libya and established a covert “Annex” in Benghazi. The CIA began disseminating arms to the Islamic rebels in Libya, including members directly tied to Al Qaeda. In the process, at least 400 surface-to-air missiles disappeared, apparently taken by jihadist groups and now in the hands of Al Qaeda.
The CIA, with the knowledge and cooperation of Ambassador Stevens, began an operation to transfer weapons to an Islamic jihadist group calling itself, the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). The FSA portrayed itself as “moderate” jihadists, gaining the support of the eager Obama. The CIA was back in business, again conducting a gun running operation, this time to arm Islamic rebels. Apparently, the CIA had not learned from its past mistakes; running guns to Iran during the Iran Contra Scandal and training and supplying the Afghan Mujahadeen, which became Al Qaeda.
The ultimate goal of the Obama administration was, and is, the removal of the Bashar Assad regime and its replacement with a new “moderate” Islamic government – if there is such a thing. Behind this effort was the coordinated agreement with Saudi Arabia and Qatar to take over Syria and its oil capabilities and open the way for US and Saudi/Qatar control over Middle Eastern oil.
What was supposed to have been done in darkness was exposed by the attack on the Benghazi compound which brought the gun running operation into world view. As a result, the Obama administration scrambled to cover up what it was doing, so desperate that senior officials parroted the fabrication that the attack was the result of a protest from a short, poorly done Internet video trailer.
Strong evidence revealed in the book Dark Forces, by Kenneth Timmerman indicates that Iran was directly involved in the Benghazi attack and was instrumental in the assault on the CIA annex.
Other well documented allegations indicate that Russian President Vladimir Putin was aware of the CIA gun running operation from overhead Russian satellite imagery, had ordered Turkey to cease its support of the US operation, and had coordinated with his ally Iran to interrupt the CIA arms transfer. Putin had come out publicly, stating his goal to cease the spread of radical Islam and voiced his disagreement with the US position on supporting Islamic regimes and Obama’s goal of a global “new world order.” In addition, Putin was working with Assad to protect Christian populations in Syria, some of which were eventually massacred by FSA fighters – which was left unreported by the US news media.
Since the exposure of US support of the FSA, including a picture of the military industrial complex darling, John McCain (who allegedly receives millions in campaign donations from defense contractors) posing in a picture with FSA rebel leaders, one of which is alleged to have ties to Al Qaeda, US supplied weapons and equipment have wound up in the hands of ISIS. Former “moderate” FSA fighters have joined with ISIS to fight for a global Islamic Caliphate and the eventual destruction of the state of Israel.
These are your tax dollars at work, used without your knowledge or permission, in the form of billions of dollars seeded into secret budgets.
The US backed overthrow of the Gaddafi government and support of radical Islamic groups has resulted in total chaos in the Libya. Al Qaeda and ISIS have set up active training camps there, warring Islamic factions fight to transition the government into part of the Islamic State and, most alarming, 11 jetliners have been stolen from the Tripoli airport by pilots who knew how to fly them, and are now suspected of being prepared for attacks using the planes as flying bombs.
Obama’s continual support of Islamic fighters, radical Islamic organizations and governments such as the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, which was eventually booted out of Egypt by the people, has emboldened the spread of Islamic terrorist groups around the world.
ISIS has become the most serious terrorist threat to America in history, dwarfing Al Qaeda and now including it. Strong indications exist that ISIS cells exist in the US and are planning attacks on US soil. As of this writing, the US and some of its allies (with support from Saudi Arabia and Qatar) are bombing ISIS positions inside Syria. After two years of stalling, Obama is finally forced to face and address ISIS. It is this author’s humble opinion that we should bomb ISIS into the stoneage. So, the bombing campaign has become a necessity to squelch a terrorist organization the White House originally ignored and Obama called a “Junior Varsity” organization, when intelligence indicated otherwise.
It is clear that the rise of ISIS, its arms and equipment supplies, the training and enlistment of some of its soldiers is, at least in part, the fault of Obama US “foreign policy,” and covert operational gun running to Jihadists labeled as “moderate.”
In the context of these events, considering the restrictions placed on the federal government by the US Constitution, and understanding the right of the “We the people” to oversee the actions of our government officials, it appears we have a unique challenge to US national security. That challenge is the President of the United States himself, Barack Hussein Obama, his Chicago-style foreign policy advisors and members of his national security team who are active members of the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood.
If President Obama’s goal, which seems evident by his repeated actions, is to decrease the power and security of the US, reduce the cultural presence of Christianity and increase the spread of Islam around the world, then he has accomplished a great deal of his ideological plan. Either Obama is the most inept, removed president in US history, or he is intentionally engaging in this activity with a predetermined goal. It is abundantly clear that it is the latter.



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