In a time of ISIS-terror, wars, and a million people leaving to Europe, the Globalo Youth Peacemaker-Tour promotes peace, tolerance and respect towards other religions and ethnic minorities in the Middle East. It strives to be a beacon of hope and development and aims to prove that the people in the Middle East can live together peacefully.

The project is looking for the roots of tolerance and respect in the different cultures and religions by including voices from Islamic, Christian, and Jewish communities.

The focus of the project lies on the young generation, where many are left without hope and full of doubt. It is  generation deprived of a clear path towards a better future. Disillusioned, many are forced to leave their homes. We want to give them a voice by publishing their side of the story.

The Globalo Youth Peacemaker Tour is supported by the Central Council of Oriental Christians in Germany and Globalo. com. Martin Neumeyer, the Integration Officer of the Bavarian Government, is the patron of this project.