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Meet Naomi.

She is a smart model from Los Angeles, and she tells us about Donald Trump.

She reminds us that:

  • Donald Trump is inconsistent, citing his stance on Iran be it enemy or friend.
  • Donald Trump’s supporters are the lower educated citizenry. “When Donald Trump won the Nevada Caucus in February, he said ‘we won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.'”
  • Many young people see through the ruse that is Donald Trump
    • “Even the people who are voting for this buffoon are voting for him because they feel their political rights have been violated.” – Anna, Berlin
    • Probably going to win ‘cus Murphy’s law” – Sean Phillip, Los Angeles
    • “He’s too straight for me and too straight for America” – Jack Adams, San Francisco
    • “I believe he means well but honestly isn’t smart enough and doesn’t have the vocabulary to understand what he is saying or meaning to say.  I don’t believe he has the proper knowledge to be in position of POTUS.  He honestly is a hypocritical idiot. He will only help the rich get richer if he wins the election. I believe that USA needs someone in office that is not a politician but rather a civilian…but Trump is not the right non-politician for the job. Every president has addressed immigration as an issue in their campaigns for president but Trump is just being a little more racist about it. He is simply using fear against anyone who would be considered uneducated, or anyone with less education than say college level. I believe he see’s this campaign as a money making opportunity and does not honestly give a crap about anyone in this country. It seems to him that if you make less than $500,000 a year that you are scum and don’t work hard enough. Also…..Trump wants to bang his daughter.” – Colten Yoder, Indiana
    • “American version of the fascist right-wing political uprising that started occurring in Europe by exploiting the boost in islamophobia that followed the Syrian refugee crisis” – Zane Younger, Los Angeles