Yet another prominent republican figure has denounced Trump and changed sides in this unconventional election.

  • The latest republican to leave the Trump camp
  • Lezlee Westine is not a top leader, but still an important piece of the party
  • She is the former Deputy Assistant to President George W. Bush
  • The latest in a growing trend to leave Trump in favor of Clinton

The Republican party has been struggling these past months, as the Party leader Donald Trump continues to alienate potential supporters.

Trump is having a bad few months, where he is failing to gain the undecideds, and he has fractured his party. In-fighting with Paul Ryan and John McCain has the Republican party fuming, and the leadership is working overtime to keep their house in order, and Trump is a big part of that.

Trump finally agreed to endorse Speaker Ryan, showing that he is indeed willing to play ball with the Republican Party and their leadership. But this feuding is not without consequence, as republicans seem to be leaving the party and switching to Hillary Clinton.

Just this week, a former Deputy Assistant to Former President George W Bush, Lezlee Westine, has announced that she will no longer be supporting the Republican candidate, and endorsed Hillary Clinton. In an interview, she said, “Our nation faces a unique set of challenges that require steady and experienced leadership…That is why today I am personally supporting Hillary Clinton. She has the expertise and commitment to American values to grow the economy, create jobs and protect America at home and abroad.” Westine is now the CEO of Personal Care Products Council, and is the former CEO of TechNet, a political network for Technology executives.

Westine is not the only Bush staffer to abandon the party in favor of Clinton. Numerous Bush and Reagan-era Republicans have abandoned Trump. Westine joins the ranks of:

  • Kori Schake: National Security Council and State Department aide
  • Brent Scowcroft: Chairman of the Intelligence Advisory Board. Adviser to three previous Republican Presidents
  • Alan Steinberg: EPA Administrator
  • Richard Armitage: Deputy Secretary of State, and an adviser to Ronald Reagan and Bush Sr.
  • Henry Paulson: Bush’s Treasury Secretary. It is a big loss when a Republican Economist fails to support Trump’s plans to fix America’s debt problem.