Super Tuesday II was like an earth quake in America. Here the main results:

  • Front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won big on Super Tuesday II.
  • Trump surged with an important victory in Florida (45,8%)  He knocked-out Marco Rubio – second with just 27% !-  in his home state, who quit the race and resigned as Republican candidate. Rubio said “the US is in the middle of a political storm”, and voters were angry and frustrated.
  • Trump won in Illinois with 38,8% (Ted Cruz 30,3%; John Kasich 19,7%)  and North Carolina with 40,2 % (Ted Cruz 36,8%, John Kasich 12,7%) as well.
  • But Trump clearly missed the important swing state Ohio with only 35,7%. There governor John Kasich won with 46,8 %. Ohio is like the medium of all American states and shows, that a moderate Republican gets more votes. On top you see his advertisement, arguing he is the only Republican who can win against Clinton with estimated 48% (Clinton 40%), while Trump would loose with just 41% and Clinton win the presidency with 47%.
  • Hillary Clinton wins in Florida with 64,5 % (Bernie Sanders 33,3%), Ohio with 56,5% (Bernie Sanders 42,7%), Illinois with 50,5% (Bernie Sanders 48,7%) and North Carolina with 54,6% (Bernie Sanders 40,8%).
  • Hillary Clinton won 17 primaries, Bernie Sanders only 9. Bernie Sanders has no change to win the nomination any more. When will he quit?
  • Trump now wants “to bring our party together.” But still the establishment in the Republican party hates his bad style and fears he will loose in November as too radical and is not able to be a respected US president. After Marco Rubio ceased, moderate John Kasich is their man of last hope.
  • Donald Trump won 19 Republican primaries, Ted Cruz won 7. In the Republican convention are 2472 delegates. Trump won until now 640, Cruz 405 and Kasich 138. Still room for an anti-Trump-coalition- maybe a Ted Cruz-John Kasich ticket- as the winner needs 1237 delegates on his side. Trump needs to win 60% of the remaining delegates available in the GOP race- not so easy for him. Some next states award delegates on a proportional basis, rather than “the-winner-takes-it-all” like in Ohio and Florida. In Illinois he won with 38,8% and in North Carolina with 40,2% of the votes- not 60%.