Marck breaks down some of the many flip-flops of Donald Trump as evidence of doublethinking, the act of holding contradictory belief due to lack of understanding, or doublespeak – the act of being deliberately ambiguous.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria has a term for these kind of talkers.

  • Donald Trump’s famous for his ability to reverse his opinions, even in mid-sentence.
  • Globalo’s producer, Marck, breaks down some of Trump’s many flip-flops and suggests that Mr. Trump is either guilty of “doublethinking”, holding conflicting beliefs due to understanding little about the subject – or “doublespeaking“, that is being deliberately ambiguous.
  • One can never be sure where Donald Trump stands on the issues, but it appears the closer we get to the general election, the more flip-flops will be seen from Mr. Trump.