No fake news, President Trump!

No alternatives facts, dear Sean Spicer!

No Twitter bull-shit and Twitter lies!

Just the truth and nothing as the truth- and different opinions what to do.

Together with ‘news behind the news’.

Nobody owns the truth, not even the president of the United States.

We, the people, own the truth.

We, the journalists serve the people.

Not only 310 million Americans, but 7,5 billion in 193 states on our Blue Planet.

Globalo is our international global fresh new take on digital journalism.

We aim to show the world like it really is, not black and white, but colorful. Not narrow-minded and nationalistic, but diverse.

We try to embody:
Enthusiastic journalism: We love to research and produce the golden nuggets of news in American policy and political hot-spots all over the world.
Fresh journalism: Approach stories without a left-wing, right-wing or patriotic agenda and show the world like it is.
Positive journalism: We look for good news. We are telling stories about people who make a difference and promote a better world.
Digital journalism: We make use of the endless news flow in the internet. We curate the best stories, background information and breaking news.
Visual journalism: The internet is a medium for our eyes. Therefore, we focus on good videos and striking photos.
Citizen journalism: Our reporters are our eyes and ears in the world and create the most unique content. They have local roots and know best what is going on wherever they are.
Research journalism: We have 10-20 reporters for each hot topic with a team leader and experts guiding their work. We send teams to hot-spots like Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine. We have best experts for Islam, terror, Russia, Korea, arms control and more.
Global journalism: In our interconnected world all news is global, but we research locally.