In a new publication of its propaganda paper “Dabqi”, ISIS (or Daesh) has published a picture of the bomb that exploded in a Russian plane over Sinai on the 31st of October. All 224 passengers died in the crash.
According to the publication the bomb was hidden in a soda can. So far it is unclear how the explosives were triggered.
ISIS claims that it had long figured out how to overcome security measures at Sharm el-Sheikh airport but only recently decided to actually carry out its plan to attack a passenger plane after Russia started its air campaign against the group.
The attack on the Russian pane follows a model that has been used by terrorists before. In 2006 British police arrested 24 suspects and charged them with plotting to blow up 10 airplanes on trans-Atlantic flights.
The 2006 plot led to the tight restrictions on liquids and creams in place today at airports around the world.