So what is her policy? Below, you can read everything you need to know.

In light of recent events, foreign policy has become a centerpiece of debate in the recent days. We have seen the bizarre foreign policy of Donald Trump, and the unexpectedly centrist policy of Ted Cruz, but what about Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy? Hillary Clinton has been the Secretary of State, and as such she should have tremendous foreign policy experience. Here is where she stands on the most important issues:


NATO: America needs to strengthen ties with their allies. NATO falling apart plays right into Putin’s hands.

UKRAINE: Keep up pressure on Russia. Has called for more assistance in the Ukraine and financial aid for the war-torn nation.

RUSSIA: Russia has important role in Syria. Hillary is strongly opposed to Putin’s actions, and she wants to keep pressure on him.

ISRAEL: Unwavering support for Israel.



IRAN: Supports the recent Iran Nuclear Deal. Read about the deal here. Her approach is “distrust and verify”. She also says she “will not hesitate to take military action” should they try to obtain a bomb.



KOREA: Sanctions and condemnation. As the Secretary of State, we can expect nothing much to change in how the US deals with North Korea.


ISIS: Arabs and Turks must step up. This is their fight. Nations must stop their citizens from funding terrorism.

Her plan is a 3 Step Plan

  1. Take out ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq
  2. Dismantle the global terror network
  3. Strengthen defenses at home to prevent attack.

This is a good plan, but without any specifics, it sounds exactly what every politician says. In plainer terms, she wants to destroy ISIS, eliminate terrorism, and make home safe, which is what every politician wants to do.

CHINA: China should play by the same rules as everyone else. She encourages China to fill its role as a responsible leader in Asia, and hold them accountable when they fail to meet expectations.


One thing is very clear with Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy: She is not just pro-military, but she is keen on putting that military to use.
Photo Credit:  © 2010 The White House, Flickr | GOV