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As a reaction to Turkey shooting down one of its jets Russia has announced it will station modern at-aircraft missiles on its Syrian base in Latakia. verschärft. The  SAM (Surface to Air Missile) will give  Russian forces considerable tactical advantage.

President Putin said the measure was taken to ensure the safety of Russia’s airplanes. “The Turkish government has been supporting the Islamization of its country for years”, he added.

Commissioned in 2007, the S-400 is Russia’s most advanced anti-aircraft defense system. It is capable of ensuring air defense at both medium and long range. Its missiles can hit aerial targets at distances of  up to 400 kilometers. It is designed to hit aircraft as well as ballistic and cruise missiles.

Lt. Gen. Charles Brown Jr. told Air Force Times on Wednesday regarding the tactical implications of the S-400 now being present in Syria:

“It does complicate things a little bit, and we’ll put some thought to it, but we still have a job to do here, and we’re going to continue to do that job – to defeat Daesh”