Tolerance is not a natural state, but must be established anew everyday and  everywhere.

  • We must practice tolerance on a daily basis in our small global village. Only from this tedious process on a small scale can grow slowly – over many decades – a new world ethos and can love and harmony florish in our global village.
  • If we do not tend the sensible law of tolerance, it becomes wild and overgrown with the weeds of hatred.
  • In actual life, we must water and tend the delicate grass of tolerance daily, so that it stays green and grows.
  • The focus of the ethic of tolerance should be thousands of mosaic-like local grassroots campaigns and positive best practices. These are the local catalysts of good coexistence.
  • We must get involved actively and promote tolerance and respect for other religions, minorities and races with many small gestures and actions.
  • We need a new worldwide movement, a tsunami of tolerance.
  • Existing attempts are not sufficient and are, in terms of effect, weak.

We are only at the very beginning.

Not the advocates of tolerance, but the few radical preachers of hatred and the extremists determine the world agenda, because the masses and the elites in the countries do not take their full responsibility for promoting a world in harmony but remain in their passivity.

The demand for more tolerance must be transferred from the circles of scholars and the speeches of politicians and religious leaders into specific projects.

We need practicable driving belts of transformation that transpose golden ideas into realities. We need many transferable local bridges between the inter-religious speeches and calls of the politicians, on one side, and the local people, on the other side.

We need shining examples of tolerance in religious communities, schools, politics, science, culture, sports and the media – with models of reconciliation and more champions of tolerance from all parts of the world and all religions. Only in this way can we break open the armor of distrust and hatred and create a lasting peace in the conflict regions of the world.

Globalo Founder Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann has published a book about the “Codes of Tolerance”. In German by Herder Verlag in Freiburg. In Arabic by in Cairo. Here with Zaki Nuseibeh, cultural advisor of the president UAE in Abu Dhabi. More in