Already in the 17th century, Louis XIV, King of France knew the importance of his outer appearance, and he also knew the impact of his hair volume.

In the 1970s, Punks started to use their hairstyles for rebellion, and there’s even a musical called ‘Hair’ that makes a profound political statement.

Hair is a political issue.

Donald Trump’s hair – consciously or unconsciously – has become an even bigger one.

At 69 years old, his hair still looks thick and colorful, which for a presidential candidate, could symbolize energy, vigor and youth wouldn’t you think?

Next to his ruthless political statements, his hair gets the biggest publicity right now.

Toupee or not Toupee – that is the question!

The New York Post even called it ‘the closest-guarded secret since Hillary Clinton’s missing e-mails.’ And with journalistic curiosity the newspaper started their investigative research to reveal this piece of American mystery.

Two hairdressers and four so called insiders later, we have a vague insight into this hairy matter: Donald Trump supposedly had transplants and knows how to use a can of hairspray.

Amy Lasch, a TV hairstylist, who worked with Trump on his show “The Apprentice” told the newspaper, that she wasn’t allowed to be anywhere near his infamous hair without his explicit permission.

“It’s as if he got ready somewhere else first. If I noticed a flyaway that the camera was sure to pick up, I would hold a large mirror up to Donald and ask, ‘Do you want me to fix it?’

“I knew damn well — ask before I raised a finger to that hair.” Lasch said. 

Someone who worked with him at Miss Universe in the mid-2000’s explains that, “He (Trump) doesn’t like people touching his hair — he’s a germaphobe.”. 

Another insider, Louis Licari, who was the hairstylist to Trump’s first wife Ivana, claims he saw Trump “several times in the office of Dr. Norman Orentreich in the early ’80s.”. Dr. Orentreich is a specialist who performed the first-ever hair transplant in 1952. Licari therefore thinks “it’s all his hair — through transplants,”.

As for Trump himself, he once announced that he will provide some proof: “If it rains, I’ll take off my hat, and I’ll prove once and for all that it’s mine.” He gets mad about everyone who wants to prohibit hair spray as it supposedly affects the ozone:  “They want me to use the pump [spray]. And then it comes out in big blobs . . . I want to use hair spray!”

Which hairspray you ask? It appears to be “CHI Helmet Head” which comes in a large red bottle. After several years in which only his girlfriends were allowed to get near his hair, he has a new female stylist who is in charge of the big red bottle.

Politics has become more complex and harder to keep up with, making it even more difficult to understand. After a long day at work, people aren’t too eager to get into complicated issues. It’s easier to puzzle over someone’s hair secrets, and it’s even suitable for a little chat at the office without the need to fear provoking an argument about political views.

Still, the last presidential candidate who used his hair for a PR stunt was Mitt Romney… and he didn’t exactly make it to the White House.

Maybe that’s a telling example for Mr. Trump.