Nursing what was already a rocky relationship, Donald Trump has lashed out again at House Speaker and prominent Republican Paul Ryan describing him as a “very weak and ineffective leader”.

He criticized the GOP for its lack of loyalty, this coming after Paul Ryan told House Republicans that he would no longer come to the defense of his party’s presidential nominee.

With this unprecedented lack of support coming from one of the party’s most influential figures, Trump tried to spin the rocky situation by saying it would now allow him to campaign the way he wants to, shackle free.

Paul Ryan is not responding to Donald Trump’s tweets.


Backlash from the weekend video

All this stems from the now notorious video that emerged over the weekend featuring Trump making lewd and vulgar comments about women. Although Paul Ryan said he would no longer campaign with Trump, he also said he wouldn’t withdraw his endorsement.

The main focus is now for Ryan to preserve the existing Republican majority in congress as fears emerge over how the free-falling Trump campaign will affect those further down the ticket.

Over the weekend several other Republicans denounced Trump for his behaviour and called for him to leave the race as they scrambled to evaluate their options.


Moving forward

Not all Republicans on Monday’s conference call seemed as concerned as Ryan. Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) said he was willing to sacrifice his seat in order to block Hillary Clinton from getting to the White House

Trent Franks (R-Arizona) said that the comments were not as important as making sure a conservative Supreme Court Justice is the next to be appointed.

This seems to be Trump’s lucky card.

Although many, if not all Republicans feel a sour taste in their mouth when voicing support for Trump as their Presidential candidate – they are more concerned with Hillary’s impending power to be able to appoint liberal Supreme Court Justices, which she will surely do.