The CIA-FBI-NSA report about the Russian cyber attacks mentioned Trump’s business interests all over the world:

“Putin has had many positive experiences working with Western political leaders whose business interests made them more disposed to deal with Russia, such as former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.”

This is the Achilles Heel of a president Donald Trump as seen by Putin and his Russian spies:

  • An entangling web of business interests of the billionaire all over the world.
  • This is easy to infiltrate with cyber and telephone attacks by GRU, personal contacts and contracts finding weak points and money interests of the Trump family in global real estate all over the world, not in Russia, the next years step by step.
  • This fundament of Trump, his wealth empire, is not protected like the White House or the government, but a soft easy target.
  • The honey bate used could be a neutral non-Russian business partner in Dubai, behind him another Arab or European and a net and chain of many off-shore-companies at the very end leading to Putin’s best friends, the Kremlin and GRU.
  • Putin will know all about Trump’s family and his business and already started collecting everything.
  • Like a spider Putin starts to build a hidden soft info-net around the Trump family, his friends and friends of friends.
  • He waits like a crocodile for the right moment to use.

This at the end could costs him he presidency and lead to impeachment because of some illegal tax issues, bribes and other strange actions, including sex affairs, within his business empire of too many different people, companies, contracts, taxes and interests.

It is a black hole.

A president Trump acts on ice.