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The Taliban attack the Afghan government forces . Now a video has emerged showing the Taliban forces destroying an Afghan military helicopter.

The video was released by Al-Emari, which is basically a jihadi clearinghouse; the publisher for jihadi material coming from the area.

The video shows the destruction of an Afghan military helicopter on March 28th, 2016. It then shows prisoners from another helicopter attack three months earlier. The video says that the Afghan government tried to cover it up, but the video is clear. The helicopter was completely destroyed, and there were no chances of any survivors.



Hey Muslims!

Fight the infidels as long as sedition is removed from the globe, surely religion belongs to God.


Song on video:

We keep with our red blood the:

Home of the martyrs, (Afghanistan)

Home of the heroes

Home of the heroes

Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan, cultural commission, audiovisual section.


On 28th March 2016, a helicopter of mercenary forces containing 21 officers was moving towards the Camp Anchi Gal in Nari district of Helmand province, and was skillfully shot down and all the passengers were killed.

In such cases, our enemies (Afghan Forces) called it an emergency landing or technical issues, imitating their American bosses, and then they reported that their passengers were only injured.

This attack happens at the time. Three months ago another helicopter was also shot down by the Mujahidin in Khoja Musa district of Faryab province and all the passengers were arrested.


Big shout!

Allah-o-Akbar (God is great)


Long live Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan


Shot from the first Camera:

Oh God, tear them into pieces

Oh God, tear them into pieces

Oh God, tear them into pieces


God is great

God is great


Second Camera:

Landed? Yes, landed


God is great

God is great