“In Iraq, the U.S. intervened and occupied, and the result was a costly disaster.

In Libya, the U.S. intervened and did not occupy, and the result was a costly disaster.

In Syria, the U.S. neither intervened nor occupied, and the result is a costly disaster.”

By Philip Gordon
From 2013-15 he served in the White House as Special Assistant to the President and White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa, and the Persian Gulf Region. From 2009-13 he worked as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. Dr Gordon is currently a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.


GLOBALO founder Dr Hubertus Hoffmann proposes a new foreign policy “World 3.0” with fresh creative proposals for actions  to safe our world with a clever double-strategy of hawk and dove.

Picture: The peace-dove-marble-sign in St. Peters in the Vatican.