Many people today think terrorists like ISIS or maybe an aggressive President Putin are the greatest threats on earth.

Let us dig deeper with a broader view.

The greatest danger confronting our world is moral relativism – the great challenge to all traditional values, which ultimately denies every absolute value.

Terrorism is coming out of this unmoral emptiness and an amoral world view.

No longer able to believe in God, and without real true religious grounding, too many cling nihilistically to pure opportunism and materialism. Or to the killing of innocent people out of aggressive inner hate, totalitarian power desires or political ideology.

The so called Islamic State (IS, ISIS or Daesh) is turning God upside down: “In the name of Allah” killing innocent people, while Allah in reality demands mercy, and to abstain from killing innocent people or enemies after surrender. Just read the Holy Qur’an and the Hadith for details.

The more materialistic our societies become, the more soulless they are. In prosperity lurks a spiritual vacuum. Filled with the propaganda of hate-mongers like ISIS or others.


  • The human brain has, of course, recognizable boundaries in thought, analysis and evaluation. There remain many inexplicable phenomena. A fourth-dimension so to speak, that should humble us all.
  • We know that our cosmos has an end, however we cannot find it.
  • We know that there is love, although we cannot measure it.
  • There are things which cannot be registered rationally and intellectually. This applies above all to absolute values which, through misanthropic systems of thought, either denied or even carried out ad absurdum as the practice of Nazism and Communism have shown in the past, and ISIS and Boko Haram demonstrate to us today.
  • The worst part of the loss of belief is not that people no longer believe, but rather that they are ready to believe anything, filling their spiritual void with everything including the inhuman. This breeds terrorists too.
  • Humanity has a deep inner-desire for absolute values, not merely the material and transcendental.
  • In the absence of positive deeper values, emotions and inspirations, we surrender the world to the power of negative influence. Among them the devils of terror.

Only a spiritual, responsible elite can fill this material vacuum and confront the dangers of moral relativism.

This contains the breeding of more terrorists as well.