Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his military to start withdrawing the “main part” of its forces in Syria.

The Russians began the military campaign just six months ago.

4000 Russian rebells were fighting against the Syrian president – mainly with ISIS – 2000 Russian soldiers came to help him.

What did the Russian achieve, according to the Ministry of Defense?

  • Russian aircraft flew more than 9,000 sorties
  • They destroyed 209 oil production and transfer facilities
  • Supported the Syrian government troops to retake 400 settlements
  • Helped Damascus to regain control over more than 10,000 sq km of territory

The Russian Hmeimim air base and the sea base in Tartus will remain, like before.

The 30 combat aircraft and the support teams will fly back to Russia this week.

Putin said:

“The Russian intervention had largely achieved its objective.

I consider the mission set for the defence ministry and the armed forces on the whole has been accomplished.

I am therefore ordering the defence ministry to begin the withdrawal of the main part of our military force from the Syrian Arab Republic from tomorrow.”

  • A clever move, as GLOBALO has written before, Russia cannot win in this civil war in Syria and needed an exit-strategy. 
  • Putin avoided the mistake of the USSR in Afghanistan. Easy to get in, but no win and difficult to get out.
  • As well Russia is frustrated by its ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Putin spoke to Assad by telephone to inform him of his unilateral decision.The withdrawal shows the Kremlin sees no future for him.
  •  It is a positive signal for the Geneva peace-talks as well and demonstrates that Putin looks for a political solution and compromise.
  • Good for Turkey too, which gains more flexibility in its fights in Syria.
  • It demonstrates the flexibility of Mr Putin, judo-style.
  • It shows the fear of some in Washington that Russia will play a more important role in the Middle East, was not based on substance.
  • Needed now is to install several Safe-Hope-Zones in Syria for the population.