The first observers at the Potomac river are about to smooth their criticisms of Donald Trump. Maybe they have their eyes on some of the 2500 top-jobs when he is elected.

“He will change”. “Now he is like this, later we will have learned.” and so on. Just listen to him and read the news.

I disagree.

Having been involved in the nuclear strategic community for three decades, including Washington DC, my analysis of Mr Trump is crystal clear:

He is totally unqualified to get his hands on the nukes. If he would be a solider, his commander could have blocked him from any access.

  • He is the Dr. Strangelove- not in the Pentagon, but maybe in 2017 in The White House.
  • An ego-gambler with too much energy and too little skills needed to avoid WW III.
  • This candidate has the strength of a nuclear power plant and the fuse of a cowshed – not good to be next to a new XXL Hiroshima.
  • He always blames others, if anything goes wrong.
  • He knows no moral limits at all.
  • Trump is unbalanced and is no wise man.
  • He lied and talked a lot of nonsense many times.
  • His speeches are a mix of half-cut-sentences, XXL- promises, but no concrete plans at all.
  • Sometimes he says A and at the end of the same speech the opposite no-A, but B.


Donald Trump does not have

  • the political know-how
  • nor the sensibility,
  • the style
  • or the character and
  • the temperament

to be close to the A-button.

  • He is more a danger to the Free World than a saver.
  • He is a real national security and survival risk for the U.S. and the world.

Look into the files of the Cuban missile crisis.

What would have Trump done instead of John F. Kennedy:

Bomb the Soviets out? Press the button?


There is a real danger ahead: North Korea is about to minimize a primitive nuclear devices and put them on warheads. For sure we all need a red line to stop the mad man, but is Trump the right man at the right time for this delicate job?

He talks a lot of bombing the IS but he never explained his strategy. Questions like: “how many US soldiers should be sent to Iraq and Syria” or “How to integrate the Sunni tribes in Iraq” have not been answered by him.

Any new president has to act now and waste no time. Can America afford to have an apprentice as Commander-in-Chief?

He likes Putin, but does he know the man in the Kremlin is very good in judo and without any mercy with beginners like Trump?


Trump knows how to insult, but does he know how to form alliances? Or strengthen friendships?

Any American who votes for Donald Trump should only ask one question: “Would I give Trump a nuke into his hands and feel good”?