Election season is in full swing and we thought it would be good to do a refresher course on the candidates.

A lot has been said in the election so far, and there will be a lot said in the upcoming debates. So where do the candidates stand?

This video will cover the established positions of Donald Trump in the areas of his economic vision, healthcare reform, and US-Chinese Trade Relations.

First: Economic reform. Donald Trump, despite being part of the globalized elite business-people, is very anti-globalization when it comes to his vision for America. His campaign says “all economic policy must be geared towards making it easier to hire, invest, build, grow and produce in America.” He is promising major tax reform that will lower the tax burden for everyone, simplify tax brackets, exclude child care expenses from taxation, eliminate the estate tax (the so called “death tax”), and set a limit of 15 percent for business tax rates.

He wants to freeze the creation of new regulations, and curtail a lot of the EPA’s regulations on Clean Power investment and Water.


Second: healthcare. Trump is strongly against Obamacare, and plans to repeal the program. He hopes to let the free market take hold, and somehow reduce cost of healthcare by allowing insurance to be sold across state lines, allow individuals to deduct insurance premiums from their taxes, require price transparency from hospitals and clinics, and allow importing of safe, cheaper drugs.

Finally, let’s look at Trump’s plans on trade reform, and US/Chinese relations. Trump wants to withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership and renegotiate NAFTA. He wants to apply tariffs and duties to countries that “cheat”. He wants to label China as a currency manipulator, which refers to the actions of the Chinese government undervaluing its own currency in order to make export from China more lucrative. He wants to force China to uphold US intellectual property laws, and end China’s “illegal export subsidies” (he has provided absolutely no details on how he will make this happen).


So, these are the basic principles of Trump’s platform on the economy, healthcare and trade.

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