The Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump, named his campaign’s chief executive on Wednesday.

The choice of Stephen K. Bannon, the chairman of the conservative Breitbart News website, is a symbol to of defiance to the Republican establishment.

The Republicans have been trying to reign in Trump’s rhetoric as the campaign should be shifting tactics from the primaries to the general election. But, Trump continues to alienate more moderate voters with his brash statements and selecting Bannon shows that he is committed to sticking to the tactics that got him nominated and electrified his base.

Anti-establishment conservative news media can be credited for helping the rise of Donald Trump, and now Trump is pulling executives who were a part of this movement into the fold of his campaign. Bannon, the Breitbart provocateur, is known for attacking the Republican establishment. A very recent example is that he used Breitbart as a platform to attempt to oust Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. A day prior to Bannon’s appointment, Trump hired anti-establishment Roger Ailes, who was recently ejected from his position as chairman of Fox News, as an advisor. The same people who got him nominated will now try to drive his campaign all the way to the White House.

What are three things you should know about Stephen K. Bannon?

1. Bannon is critical of the Republican party establishment. Bannon was appointed Executive Chairman of Breitbart News in 2012. Bannon’s anti-establishment views pervade Breitbart, which has published articles criticizing Senator Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan. He also has criticized the Republican party as a whole. In 2013, at The Future of Conservatism conference in D.C., he said “We don’t really believe there is a functional conservative party in this country, and we certainly don’t think the Republican party is that.”


2. He is a conservative filmmaker, and was involved in films which discussed females in conservative politics (Fire From the Heartland: the Awakening of the Conservative Woman), Sarah Palin (The Undefeated), and a criticism of the Occupy Movement (Occupy Unmasked).


3. He is the cofounder of the Government Accountability Institute, a nonprofit research organization known for books which attack the Clintons and the Bush family, Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich and Bush Bucks: How Public Service and Corporations Helped Make Jeb Rich.


Bonus: he’s a former U.S. Naval Officer and investment banker, and has an MBA from Harvard.