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When it comes to Donald Trump and television, viewers are accustomed to watching shows where Trump promotes himself at the expense of others.

Now he has taken this basic idea of bashing others for our entertainment one step too far.

In his latest campaign ad, which fits in nicely with the  abysmal tone of his run for the nomination up to this point, he once again unloads on Muslims in the ugliest way imaginable.

His basic insinuation, that all Muslims are bad, and that everybody wearing a headscarf is probably a terrorist, is at full display in the 36 second video, which represents his first major investment in his presidential bid so far.

Up until now Trump has relied solely on unsolicited donations and the support of the mainstream media, which has played up everything he said for the last months, and magnified it for no apparent reason.

The ad targets voters with irrational fears of Islam itself and promises Donald will fix it all.

Here are his claims and why they are complete nonsense and essentially lies:

Lie No 1: Trump promises that he will “cut the head off of ISIS”. He will do so “quickly”. Also, he will “take their oil”.

The present strategy of President Obama looks more like a Swiss Cheese. Even the White House until now has no detailed anti-ISIS-strategy with more than 33 elements needed.

But Trump has even less. Two sentences of casino-talk, but no strategy at all. He is naked.

In foreign policy, the specifics matter! Where is his strategy in details? Does he want to send 100,000 American soldiers to Syria and Iraq like in 2003?

There is only one head to cut off the caliph, but tens of thousands of ISIS fighters. To defeat ISIS, US air power is not enough, it would require many ground troops.

And does Donald Trump have a Harry Potter-like master-plan for “quickly”? Please tell the Americans how you will do this within just a couple of days or weeks.

Also: how do you want to “take their oil”? Isn’t this done already by air strikes? What’s new about this?

Lie No 2:  He wants to temporarily shut down Muslim immigration, “until we figure out what’s going on”.

It is simply unconstitutional, against international law, against the UN Charter, which was signed by the United States of America.It is not doable. Trumps know this well, but lies again to his GOP supporters.

Does he even want to keep Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala, a victim of terror from Pakistan, from visiting Washington DC or New York?
No U.S. president could block the US against all Muslims. Many of them are already living in America peacefully.

It’s a rather simple lie, really, targeted at people suffering from general confusion and have difficulties to “figure out what’s going on” in their lives.

Lie No 3: He’ll stop illegal immigration by “building a wall on the Mexican border”. And “Mexico will pay for it”. Video in Morocco, not Mexico.

Trump’s video show’s sketchy looking people running towards a fence. The video shown was NOT at the U.S. border to Mexico, but at the Spanish enclave Melilla in Morocco. Taken by an Italian TV crew of “PoliFact” in May 2014. The first video lie of a US presidential candidate.

In Trump’s world,  Americans are supposed to be afraid of a Mexico, which, as he has said many times, is apparently “killing us”.

The fact is,  a very high, extremely strict, and exceptionally well guarded “wall” has already been there for years. But there is still immigration. What can another “wall” do better than the existing tight border system? Anything, Mr Trump?

Why and how should Mexico pay for an American Berlin Wall on American soil? Bomb them, or what?

Three stupid lies about Mexico to the American people in few words and a video- shameful for someone who has the desire to rule the world.

Lie No 4: Trump will make “America great again”

Trump will be a president without credibility, no experience in politics, a show-man on the global stage.

Europe as well as Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, or India will not like this stye of a rich arrogant and ignorant man in the White House. A Trump presidency would lead to these allies distancing themselves from America.

Putin, Trumps best friend so far, will use him to show that he is no worse than him.

The terrorist love him, as he is their best propaganda tool to recruit more terrorists against Americans and within America, like the San Bernadino killers, who claimed to defend Islam in the US.

The Muslim countries, whom he insulted, will not support American national interests and reduce their cooperation with the U.S. military and CIA to a minimum.

China will use the loss of credibility to increase its influence in Asia.

America with President Trump will loose many of its best friends, be quite alone, and isolated. He would make America’s  enemies stronger.

President Trump would turn America into a joke- and weaken us greatly.