Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan –  here at a side-meeting he requested with US President Obama in the White House after the dinner there for heads of state during the Nuclear Summit – has become a very difficult and egomaniac NATO partner in the past two years.

The US President is still smiling, because Obama needs him to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but should know better that Erdogan is a ticking time bomb within NATO.

The European Union needs him for a big deal to stop the flow of another million migrants from Turkey.

Erdogan has destroyed his international reputation as a successful reformer in Turkey. 

It all started when prosecutors started to research corruption cases in which his beloved son was involved. Erdogan promptly kicked those prosecutors out of office.

He became the new Sultan of a new aggressive Ottoman Empire.

A political Islamist who turns former pro-Western Turkey away from great founder Atatük and his vision of a separation of politics and religion. He demands that all people live according to Islam, his own interpretation of Islam of no mercy to opposition. Islam is his tool of his AKP party to gain support by the people in the rural countryside. He misuses this religions for his dreams of total power, reminding to many other dictators in the past.

A new NATO dictator in Ankara.

Involved in two hot wars.

Attacking all opponents in an undemocratic manner.

With zero tolerance towards Kurds, critics, journalists and intellectuals.

Erdogan wants 100 percent of the power. For himself and his Islamic AKP party.

Everybody who opposes him he calls “a member of a terrorist organization.”- as simple as that.

Since he became President in 2014, no less than 1,845 cases of “insulting the Turkish President” were started by his loyal prosecutors against journalists, intellectuals and other independent Turks.

His recipe: you either bow down to him and the AKP dictatorship (him too), or you are insulting the President or worse you are a member of a dangerous terror gang. No others choices.

He moves the Turkish Republic away from its rational founder Atatürk – with a clear separation of state and Islam –  into a one-man-Islamic-dictatorship. Away from all Western values as well.

He is strangulating the heritage of the wise founder of modern Turkey step-by-step, thus becoming the anti-Atatürk.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938) was a smart Turkish army officer, revolutionary, and became the first President of Turkey. He is the founder of the modern Republic of Turkey. His surname,  Atatürk,meaning “Father of the Turks”, was granted to him in 1934 and forbidden to any other person by the Turkish parliament.

Still Turkey is a member of NATO, but for how long?

How long will the White House bow to the Sultan, just to have him fighting IS a little bit as well?

Still he is a partner of the EU to contain the refugees, but can this last?

All these negative developments include two hot and bloody wars against the Kurds in Syria and in the Eastern part of the country.

With two arch-enemies involved: Assad and Putin.

He is starting to look like the first new dictator in a NATO country in the year 2016.

Here are some of the crazy things Erdogan has done lately:

  • He has called for a satirical video from Germany to be taken down. The video was mocking Erdogan, discussing his crackdown on press freedom. Scroll down to see a breakdown of the German video. Erdogan even summoned the German Ambassador to complain about this video. It was the third time he called the German Ambassador in for complains- a country with many Turks living there and more than 100 years of excellent friendship.
  • He has had the state seize control of opposition newspapers Cihan and Zaman, violently ousting the journalists working there.
  • His country has been accused of buying oil from ISIS. An independent inquiry by NATO and the US government involving intelligence know-how is needed now to know if NATO partner Turkey played a bizarre double-play with ISIS. This is a must-know now. If Erdogan is innocent, he should ask for it now.
  • He wants the definition of “terrorist” to include politicians, journalists and academics. He claims this is to destroy the support network of radicalization, but many believe it will be abused so he can justify jailing all who oppose him.
  • After the release of two journalists by a ruling from the Constitutional Court, Erdogan was outraged and according to AFP, he said “I hope the Constitutional Court will not try to repeat this in a way that would call into question its existence and its legitimacy”. These two me were arrested for publishing a videotape that supposedly showed the Turkish State Intelligence selling weapons to Syria.
  • He has claimed that using contraceptives was equal to “sedition”. He said that birth control is a plot to weaken the Turkish people. During a wedding speech, he said that proponents of birth control “sought to dry up our generation”.
  • He had a doctor fired and arrested for a tweet comparing Erdogan to Gollum.
  • At a meeting for women’s rights in November 2014, he said “You cannot bring women and men into equal positions; that is against nature because their nature is different”.
  • His security detail has been accused of abusing journalists outside a Washington DC thinktank as Erdogan was giving a speech on April 1st in the United States.
  • He even fined a company over $75,000 for making fun of Ayran, the famous drink of Turkey.


What was this German video about? 

The video was about Erdogan’s crackdown on press freedom in the wake of recent events. It was a satirical video that was produced for the program “Extra 3” for NDR Television.

  • It comments on the press crackdown saying:”When a journalist writes a piece that Erdogan doesn’t like, he quickly ends up in jail”.
  • The video makes fun of his crackdown on International Women’s Day: “Equal rights for women. Beaten up equally”. It then shows police hitting women with batons.
  • It talks about how Erogan bombs the Kurds in Northern Iraq instead of bombing ISIS.

Watch the video with English Subtitles. As of writing, this video had almost five million views!


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