We, the American people must decide:

  •  whom to follow
  • where America should go
  • whom to trust as Commander-in-Chief with nukes in his hands
  • which character rules The White House and the United States of America from 2017 for four years
  • who can preserve peace


It it NOT Donald Trump, but only the American people, who place him into the White House – or not.

  • It it their responsibility for their children, America and the world.
  • The White House is the highest office, not a reality TV show. We need someone who is serious about the job


What does the President do?

  • The president sets the tone for the nation
  • Is the voice of America to the outside world
  • Is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
  • Manages crises in the US and abroad


The President of the United States is a symbol for America to the world.

  • He is the face of America to our friends and enemies.
  • Do you really trust Donald Trump he can do this delicate job well?
  • Does he project America as a beacon of hope for the world, or does Trump project an image of America as a cesspool of bigotry and hate towards others?
  • Until today Donald Trump represents mainly hate. Every week he says something extremely hateful towards a group of people, whether it be Muslims, women, or Mexicans. He has offended nations all over the world, and he does not project any positive messages to the world.
  • He has no plan at all, but big simple words only.