Finally – after 21 years of the killings and and eight years in court – late justice for many victims and their families of the massacre in Srebrenica in Bosnia, where 8372 male Muslims were killed by Serbian soldiers in 1995.

After they surrendered- just executed in groups in cold blood, without mercy. Hate-killings by radical Serbs.

They were old people and very young, men who had fought the Serbs and pure civilians.

It was the worst war crime since Nazi Germany in World War II.

The UN forces were there, but did not stop the mass murder. What a shame!

Russia was protecting the Serbs. Even killing people after surrender. Another shame!

The US and NATO hesitated to stop the Serb murders, finally did fight for peace on The Balkans, even without a UN mandate.

Only in 1999- after four long passive years – NATO acted. Too long too inactive- shameful for Washington and all European states!

The West feared another Srebrenica, now in Kosovo, and send 1000 NATO jets to stop another mass murder and attacked the aggressive Serbs.

Now in 2016 Radovan Karadzic (70), the former brutal leader of the Serbs in Bosnia, was finally convicted by UN judges of genocide and war crimes in the 1992-95 Bosnian war. He will be jailed for 40 years.

His life will end in jail.

The UN  in The Hague found him guilty of 10 of 11 charges, in the genocide in the massive Srebrenica massacre (picture below).


He did not stand like a real man for what he did, but denied all charges, saying that the 8372 murders were “committed by individuals, not any soldier under his command.”

A reminder to the fake arguments of the top-Nazi-killers in Nuremberg after WW II. They “never did, they never knew, only did what was commanded from the top or it happened by other people…”