If you haven’t heard an African grey parrot talk, you haven’t truly experienced life! Here’s a short snippet of this marvellous bird:


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African grey parrots are known to be one of the world’s most intelligent and long-living pets. However, this is sadly the reason why these parrots are one of the most illegally trafficked birds in the world.

During the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, held in Johannesberg this month, it was declared that the African grey parrot would receive extra protection. A decision was made following a secret vote, and the verdict is: a ban on all international trade of African grey parrots.

Conservationists are thrilled

Susan Lieberman of the Wildlife Conservation Society said, “Now, with the protection, the voice of the African grey parrot will not be silenced across the great forests of Africa.”

WWF official Colman O’Criodain said, “A total ban on international commercial trade in wild African grey parrots is a huge step forward and will help to protect this extraordinary species from the rampant trapping and trading that has contributed to population collapses and local extinctions across Africa in recent decades. Fraud and corruption have enabled traffickers to vastly exceed current quotas and continue to harvest unsustainable numbers of African grey parrots from Congo’s forests to feed the illegal trade. Banning the trade will make it easier for law enforcement agencies to crack down on the poachers and smugglers and give the remaining wild populations some much-needed breathing space.”

People around the world are also sharing their opinions on social media:

This is a great move for the African grey parrot, and we know its favourite words will now be: Thank you, humans!

Image credit: Found Animals Foundation/flickr