She is the must powerful head of government in Europe. Now Time  has named her “person of the year 2015”.
Angela Merkel has had an eventful year for sure, with the Greek debt crisis almost ending in tears, and an unprecedented wave of refugees hitting Europe from the Middle East. In its latest issue the magazine calls her “chancellor of the free world” and praises her for her compassionate and values based style of governing during times of extreme crisis.

“Merkel’s legacy—her bold, fraught, immensely empathetic act of leadership—challenges more than the comfort of European life. It also challenges the comfort of assumptions about any group, including, if it works out, Germans. And it’s a legacy that flows not only from her childhood experience as a girl trapped behind a wall. It also follows from what she learned as an adult, applying her disciplined, methodical approach to what she calls “the things that matter to us most.” The Chancellor of Germany put anti-Semitism under her microscope, followed prejudice to its roots and found fear. Not only of Jews but of any “other,” including foreigners. Which takes in the whole world.”

ISIS terror chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi came in second in the magazin’s yearly rating. Donald Trump took third place.